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USATEL is a full service company offering the ILEC/CLEC market a Cloud solution, Sales and Marketing Assistance. We are a game changer when it comes to growing your business and we have the tools and the people to help you.


evolves from a long history in telephony

Spending over 60 years with various voice solutions and more than a decade as CISCO engineers, USATEL VOIP chose to become an authorized CISCO service provider. We have spent 40 years in the rural market and we understand your challenges, ranging from the competition to FCC mandates as well as increasing your revenue and decreasing your costs.

With offices expanding around the globe, USATEL VOIP is in growth mode, opening our doors to ILEC'S and CLEC'S to leverage our leading-edge solutions and inviting you to become an USATEL VOIP partner. This is a unique opportunity to provide a cloud VOIP/Unified Communications offering without investments in infrastructure, additional staff and most of all NO maintenance cost! USATEL VOIP stands among the most innovative and technically astute cloud communication organizations.

The Future of Telecom

How Do I Increase My Revenue and Grow my business?

How can you grow your business? You have three options!  1. The cap and grow strategy is the most widely used choice for most the ILEC/CLEC market. 2. Migrate your existing customer base to the cloud 3. Grow by moving into new verticals (hospitals, hospitality, education)

ILEC/CLECs are facing constant decisions regarding the type of applications required to grow the market and how to decrease Capex. There are many questions you must address to be successful:

Is growing your revenue important to our company?
How are we impacted by the FCC regulations?
Are we offering the right services to our market?
Is decreasing OPEX important to our success?
Do we pay maintenance?
Do we invest in hardware and software or do we move to cloud communications?
All of the above decision-making challenges are crucial to the choices that Telcos and CLECs must make about their future business needs.

The residential lines are dropping due to the increase of wireless service. USF funds are beginning to dry up and growth is predominately in the small to medium businesses. Today 90% of businesses have moved at least one application to the cloud, that means cloud services aren’t just a trend, but an unmistakable market transformation.

Cap and Grow Strategy

Is your product Manufacture or Support discontinued?
Do you want to increase your revenue?
Is your maintenance cost draining your OPEX?
Are you forced to deal with multiple vendors?
Are you tired of offering the same traditional set of features with no room for expanding new services to grow your revenue?
Is the migration of your existing network too time-consuming and expensive to contemplate?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then USATEL VOIP is the solution for you.

Leverage your investment in your current infrastructure while putting your new business on USATEL VOIP. Migrate your existing customers at your own pace. This provides you the opportunity to be responsive to your customers’ needs without another large investment. By offering new VOIP and/or Unified Communications in or out-of-territory you can bring new market and new applications to your company and your customers. It is time to offer your customers what they really want and need, not what they have to have.

USATEL VOIP applications are deployed in 100s of markets today. We represent small, medium and large business, as well as the ILECs and CLEC market.

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How Do I Increase My Revenue and Grow my business?

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